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 The Farm 

Our Story

Recognizing the need to provide people with safe and healthy food, Sacha and Tyler began their farm in 2008 with a modest flock of 30 sheep and little more than the clothes on their back. Combining a great love for farming and healthy, delicious food, they have grown those few sheep into the hundreds and have added heritage pork, pasture chicken, and beef.

Together, with their two young daughters, Sacha & Tyler continue to grow food using methods which provide the highest quality of care for their animals in the most natural setting, without the use of antibiotics, hormones or pesticides. Working solely as farmers, Sach & Tyler's Cutter Ranch offer its products directly (and exclusively) to the homes of their customers, as well as chefs, restaurants, specialty markets and the food industry.

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Our Practice

It’s important to note we take great care in how we have our animals slaughtered. Our pigs and lambs travel only minutes to the local abattoir where they are slaughtered on a day dedicated to Cutter Ranch. By being slaughtered in a quiet, local, and small-scale facility in small groups we are able to greatly lower the stress on the animal. This is good for meat quality, and humanity.

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