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Production Method

The Cutter Ranch pork farming method

Unique to Cutter Ranch, our pork is raised utilizing a completely mobile and rotational production method. The equipment we use is specifically designed and engineered for pigs to safely and comfortably live in outdoor pastures year-round. To maintain our soil and animal health, we seasonally move our pig herds to new ground and not to returning to that ground for a minimum of 3 years.

Beef Done Right

Growing and eating tasteful Beef should be a simple affair, and this is our approach. Cutter Ranch beef is raised farm from start to finish with a rotational pasture method. We feed all of our cattle alfalfa and grass hay harvested at Cutter Ranch, and finish our market beef with a touch of non-GMO barley.  


Grass Fed, pasture raised lamb has been a main stay at Cutter Ranch since 2008 since we started our farm with 30 sheep. Today, our operation has grown to include grass fed lamb from neighboring partner farm in the Kootenays. Raised and fed with the same standard as Cutter Ranch lamb, we are pleased to include more local food production in our offering.

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