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Our focus is quality. You know when you buy from Cutter Ranch the animal has been chosen for its superiority, raised with care and attention, and had space to roam. We go to great lengths to make sure we provide the best diet possible, whether it's high-quality cereal grains or healthy pasture. You can trust that the food you feed your family is authentic and sustaining. Our concept is simple: From the farm to your fork, everything is done to the highest of standards with the utmost care. We are farmers at our core. It’s what we do. We do not do it simply, but are simply farming, using nature, ethics, and our education to ensure your expectations are surpassed.

Vision & Values

Sacha and Tyler come by farming honestly. Both raised on family ranches, they have deep-rooted knowledge of where food comes from and what it takes to deliver it to the highest of standards. They believe this should be done in the most genuine way possible: though hard work, commitment, transparency, knowledge, and kindness. It’s about trust and mutual expectations. Cutter Ranch is committed to delivering a product you understand, you value, you enjoy, and you know was produced to be the best on the market, both in flavour and nutrition.

Our Farm

Decisions at Cutter Ranch are made with the goal of honouring nature, and delivering a nourishing product free of manipulations.
It’s honest. It’s real. It’s where food comes from.

Our animals are raised year-round in lush pastures with ample space to graze and free access to clean water. We provide comfortable shelter from the Kootenay elements and work with a team of veterinarians and feed scientists to develop a nutritionally-balanced diet tailored specifically to our breeds and outdoor growing conditions. Our animals receive quality, customized care. They are raised in a stress-free environment, not only to ensure quality of meat but to respect and reflect the values of our consumers and ourselves.

Cutter Ranch: Where Food Comes From

Meet Sacha and Tyler

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2712 Wardner - Fort Steele Road, Fort Steele, B.C., V0B 1N0

(250) 429 4006

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