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It's Honest. It's Real. 

It's Where Food Comes From. 

Our Focus is Quality

Quality is key. Each of the Cutter Ranch animals is chosen for their superiority and raised with the utmost care and attention. Our animals are given plenty of space to roam, the best possible diet – including high-quality cereal gains and healthy pastures. From our farm to your fork – all of our farming practices are done with the highest standards, ensuring the food your family eats is authentic and sustainable. We might not run our farm simply, but we are simply farming. Using nature, ethics, education and experience, we guarantee your expectations of our products will be exceeded.

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Our Commitment

Cutter Ranch is committed to delivering a product that you understand, value and enjoy. Sacha and Tyler both come from farming families, born and raised on ranches and learning from the generations that came before them. They truly understand where good food comes from and the commitment it takes to deliver it to their customers. This commitment coupled with transparency, kindness and ethics gives customers the peace of mind knowing that their product is the absolute best on the market. Genuine, flavourful, nutritious – that’s what you can expect from your Cutter Ranch orders.

Honouring Nature

Above all, Sacha and Tyler honour nature. Each decision made at the ranch is based on this mantra. Each animal is raised year-round in lush pastures, allowing them optimal grazing conditions. They are provided with open access to clean, fresh water and comfortable shelter from the Kootenay elements. Working with the top veterinarians and feed scientists, Sacha and Tyler develop nutritionally balanced diets tailored specifically to each breed’s needs and the local outdoor growing conditions. Cutter Ranch is a stress-free environment and our animals’ comfort and care is something that is never compromised. The respect Sacha and Tyler have for the natural world is reflected in every aspect on the ranch, ensuring healthy animals, quality products and happy customers.


It’s honest. It’s Real. It’s where food comes from.

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Our Method

At Cutter Ranch, our message is simple; grow the highest quality food using the best methods of land stewardship, while providing the highest level of animal welfare.


For over a decade Cutter Ranch has been growing Pork, Beef and Lamb in line with the values of ourselves and our customers. So, what does this mean? It means, humanely raised; without the use of hormones or antibiotics, outdoors and year-round.


Our founding maxim is ‘Where Food Comes From’, and the goal of our maxim is to grow food and sell directly to our customers, with a high degree of transparency and connectivity.

Featured Products

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Cutter Ranch: Where Food Comes From

Meet Sacha and Tyler
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