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Charollais and Texel: Both breeds are excellent grazers, meaning they utilize all forages available and they convert grass into muscle very well. They are also low-maintenance breeds, known for their hardiness, thrift at birth and ability to pasture well. They produce top-quality butcher lambs that are lean with superior healthy meat for tenderness and flavour. We typically offer packaged lamb meat between July and December, although customers can pre-order lamb in the off season.




Berkshires: This heritage breed is very hardy and well-suited to our pasture-raised system. Renowned for superior meat quality and excellent marbling, our pork has exceptional flavour and enhanced cooking ability. You can expect a moist, delicious, and exceptionally tender product. Pork is sold year-round.




Rotational grazing is one of the founding principles for land and animal management at Cutter Ranch. We have a unique style of managing the grass in our pastures for your beef that ensures those animals a steady supply of fresh sweet grass, forbes, and browse through out the summer grazing season. During the winter months, our cattle are fed tame 'cool season' grass hay produced on farm. We also provide our finishing cattle with a small amount of rolled barley during the the last few months of growing. All of our beef animals are grown to no less than 18 months of age without the use of hormones or antibiotics. This produces a large muscle fibre ensuring tenderness and that quality beef flavour for which Cutter Ranch is known. Our customers have come to enjoy and expect all of the attributes of a grass raised animals with a proper finish, it's 'Beef Done Right.'